Wednesday, September 5, 2012

 Another page in the Jerry McGill  saga
Good Day,
Every once in awhile and it's been a long while I do a search on Curtis Buck a/k/a Jerry McGill.  This morning I heard a little voice in my head telling me to do it again.  And to my surprise I found your Blog.  WoW!  Are memories flashing back in my head today now!
Waylon & Curtis found me at the Playroom in Atlanta and asked me if I wanted to go on the road.  I said no.  I was only rock n roll way back then.  They called again, and I had since found out who 'they' were and said yes.  Was told to meet them in Vegas where they were playing the Golden Nugget.  And to check into the 4 Queens Hotel across the street.  I got off the bus from the airport, looked at all of those lights and said "Fuck I'm in Showbiz!" 
What a wild ride it was for a 21 year old!  :)  I drove the limo and kept the books from 1968-71 off and on.  When Curtis got busted in Canada he told me that I had to be the road manager now for him and to count the heads at the door.  A bittersweet memory, and most likely not so good of a one for him as he was taken away. 
After my road days I moved to LA and worked in recording studios and then later on in Film as a Production Accountant.  I'm in Florida now taking care of my Mom, when she passes I will be moving back to Sedona, AZ.
A funny story about Curtis.  We were all staying at the Hyatt House on Sunset Blvd in LA and I did not go down for rehearsals that day. And I got a phone call from Curtis telling me to call this phone number and ask for Pat Paulsen and say "Picky~Picky~Picky" and then hang up.  I did not want to do it, after asking me several times and then he just said DO IT!  I did.  And my voice was shacking so much that it went up several octaves and I did his request.  Later that evening he told me that he was down the hallway at CBS having his shoes shined and had to get up from the chair and walk over to the pay phone to hear me say "Picky~Picky~Picky" and hang up.  Curtis laughed so very much at Pat Paulsen's expression while he was listening to me on the phone.
So Please share with Jerry that I have enjoyed thinking about him today, listening to his music and reading about his escapades in your Blog.  It makes me want to take my Takamine out of it's case and practice now.  My Fender metallic purple Jazz Bass is in Tucson.  And one day when God takes another Blues Slinger on Home, we'll all meet for the grandest pickin' party that there ever was!  Amen.
And share this too ...
"YUT-TA-HEY HOSS!"  You take care now, hear!  And be kind to yourself.  You brought a lot of Joy to me on those "On The Road Again" days.
With Love,

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