Tuesday, March 10, 2009


We transfer and digitize analog tapes to CD or DVD. There are certain limitation such as the condition of the tape that you want to have transferred, but in most case we can transfer your old audio tapes to .wav files (Hi Res) or Mp3 files (med. Res) to CD to be played on our computer or your CD player.

We can do a 1:1 transfer with additional EQing or noise reduction OR we can transfer to CD using outboard gear or computer plugs to make your transfer sound as good as possible (of course you'll pay a little more for this). If this is something that you have been considering please feel free to contact us for pricing (It's reasonable) and preserve your old recordings for generations to come

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Editing and Mixing

We realize that these days everyone has a studio in their closet or their garage. In actuality.. many big selling CDs and videos start right there.

At Playground, we have begun to accept tracks via the internet or one of the large transfer file services for editing and remixing. All prices for these services vary according to the amount of work that you want us to do. Our prices are very reasonable and you are not charged for studio time, only for the time it takes for one of our experienced mixing engineers to do the work. Prices range from a minimum of $75.00 to $300.00 and up per song depending on the work load.

You will receive at least two reference mixes during the process and email consultations during the process. Your mix (upon your approval) will be delivered to you upon completion in a "Manufacture Ready form"... Plus your satisfaction is guarenteed.. if you are not satisfied with the results... you don't pay!

The Playground Team

Always Looking

Even though February has been a mighty tough month for the US economically. WE feel there is no need to slow down. Right now at Playground we are looking for for young bands to record and promote. Qualifications include #1 great songs.. # 2 good singer and or front person.. #3 the desire to succeed in the music entertainment business #4 at least one or two folks in the band that can actually play.. we can do the rest....

If you feel that you have the qualities listed above feel free to contact us at Playground.. probably the best way to reach us is by posting a comment on the blog with a short bio (we're looking for a few key words) or send us a note on our MySpace page at www.myspace.com/playgroundrecordingstudio

The Playground Team