Monday, January 11, 2010

Mr and Mrs. Right

We are finishing up the 1st 7 cuts on Rip Wright. Rip was raised right here in Valparaiso... and in 1980 made a 45 with Finley Duncan. It was issued on the Emerald Coast label on green vinyl ( there are only 4 artists issued on this label). Rip has combined local color as well as well as a unique musical combination of players for the new project which includes his son Robert. The project was initially begun with the Decoy's lead singer, Scott Boyer. Rip is officially a boat captain and entrepreneur. Songwriting has always been a hobby, but now one that he can put on disk and share. "Alimony" which was issued on the 45, for you collectors, who by a slim chance might have this Emerald Coast 45 has been re-cut and is a rockin track. We look for an issue on the current endeavor sometime in 2010.

Steve Fisher "Nothing But Hope"

As the New Year has turned over.. we can hardly say 2010 much less write it down.. however studios are like casinos.. no natural light and no clocks.. after a three year project, Steve Fisher's "Nothing But Hope" is finally on the forecast to be released. Masters have been sent to the manufacturer and art is on the way.. so we are about a month out for retail copies. Steve has crafted some fine songs into an Americana Symphony.. actually we like to call it the "Boggy Bayou Hobo Orchestra". To accompany these quatrains, some fine musicians are featured on this disk. Clayton's guitar work exceeds Nashville twang. This is what a telecaster is supposed to sound like. Fred Dumalot overdubbed drums on the entire project (a feat in itself) and Doug plays some memorable mandolin on these American poems. There will be a limited amount available on the Playground website The cover photo is by Shelley Swanger and graphic art by Willie Warren Meigs