Sunday, March 28, 2010


Citing influences, Hank Sr., Hank III, Jimmy Rodgers and the Carter Family, John Palmer "Hoss" Morton has written some pertinent material delivered in a tongue in cheek bluegrass fashion.. the words quickly transcend the genre. Accompanied by PinchBottle band members Wes on acoustic/vocals and Robert Wright on mandolin/vocals, the band delivers these songs with a "Mayberry" slant that is mature beyond their 19 years. We have recorded 3 tracks and are continuing a sprint to finish the project. Look for some "in store" performances soon.


A local music magazine after finding out that we had played with Lx.. asked me to write a piece.. it's rather generic but will have to do

Alex Chilton 1950-2010

I met Alex Chilton in 1974 at the Mid South Coliseum in Memphis, Tennessee. My wife Jill , and I were playing a gig with our band Confederation and guest artist Jim Dickinson, along with Waylon Jennings. As we sang the Rolling Stones' "Wild Horses", a thin skiddish figure dressed in a bright yellow rain coat, with hood up and walked up to the microphone and started singing with Jill and I. At the end of the gig Dickinson, who had played on the the Stones' cut of "Wild Horses, introduced us to Alex.

For some years we had been enjoying the Boxtops and the songs they recorded. Songs like "Cry Like A Baby", "Neon Rainbow" and perhaps the most famous "The Letter", produced by the legendary Dan Penn. Alex sang "The Letter" in 1967 when he was only 16 years old. It became an immediate smash "Boxtops" hit. At first, it was hard to realize that this unassuming and quietly introspective man had already attained worldwide acclaim.

Over the next 35 years Alex would remain both a friend, a collaborator and a musical inspiration. During the same time that we became friends with Alex, he and friend Chris Bell had a newly formed group called "Big Star". Big Star went on to record 3 critically acclaimed, melodically beautiful power pop albums at the famed Ardent Recording Studio in Memphis. Big Star did not sell a lot of albums initially, however the group had a major influence on on up and coming post punk bands such as the Replacements and R.E.M. Always the innovator and "quiet rebel", Alex experimented with alternative sounds writing and recording several solo albums.

Alex moved to New Orleans in the early 80's. He continued to perform, play guitar and write until his unexpected passing. In the past few years "Big Star" has been finally gaining the recognition deserved with the release of a box set and a new revival of the band. Alex was preparing to travel to Austin, Texas to perform with the group at the SxSX music festival only a few days prior to his death.

We will always remember Alex as a friend, excellent guitarist, singer writer and a major influence on American music culture.

Jim and Jill Lancaster

Saturday, March 6, 2010

New Stuff coming!

New product on the way.. Steve Fisher "Nothing But Hope"

BigWater Music

You can find some previews of the BigWater record here
BigWater is feverishly trying to get out a a CD by the end of March. We have been recording songs from the Playground catalog and are playing them at our live performances to enthusiastic audiences. We have also included a Dan Penn song or two. We are making "in progress" reference Cds and this is the working cover for the ref disks. They are for sale on a limited basis.. Less than 30 units will be manufactured before we change jackets and program content.

This is a post from the current Uk mag "In The Basement". Playground alumnus Len Wade is picked #3 all time blue-eyed soul singers with his 1966 cut of "It Comes and It Goes".. truly an amazing track and a scorching vocal. Thanks to David for publishing this great rag!