Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanks and Giving

Eleven months ago.. I couldn't see forward to Thanksgiving 2009. Needless to say, I am thankful that we made it. It's been a difficult but productive and revealing year. Since our last post to the Playground blog a lot has been going on. Our band "BigWater" has been playing quite a bit. We have finally gone into the studio and recorded some of the songs we do. A few are posted on myspace at Steve Fisher's album is now, after 2 years ready for manufacture. The CD will be called "Nothing But Hope". I am proud of the CD. Clayton has played some iconic electric guitar and has done some great Pro Tools arrangements. All of Steve's songs are relevant and timely. Wilbur Walton Jr. was in this month to record a new song "Folk Blues #5 The Americana Taliban". Although Wilbur is pushing septuagenarian.. it's the hippest, most original thing that has come into the studio in a year or so. Ms. Amy Hart has been in and has penned a tune called "Birdcage", which is a dynamite R&B number that we plan to record very soon. Local panhandle arteest Rip Wright has begun a project to be completed soon. His songs are unique and original... much better than anyone will expect. Two of the songs we recorded were released on Finley Duncan's Emerald Coast label back in the early 80's on green vinyl (there are only 5 releases total on Emerald Coast) and they are as pertinent today as ever. We will be recording our ass off during the holidays.. thanks for being a Playground fan.